NMC Working Group Meeting Descriptions

All working group meetings are optional and are only open to NMC members and community partners. To join the NMC, click here.


Business Development Working Group - Monthly, 2nd Tuesday at 10 am

Intended audience: Any NMC Member Company Contact who wants to meet others within the NMC
Format: GoToMeeting
Open to: NMC Members only

NMC members meet virtually to discuss how to expand their business, increase revenue, and gain new work with companies working in the undersea, maritime, and offshore wind space. While we as NMC staff share opportunities with you during this meeting, our goal for each meeting is to give you time to:

  • Introduce yourself to the group and share a description of your business.
    • It's great exposure to folks who may not be familiar with your company, capabilities, and what products/services you provide.
  • Share knowledge of industry events or webinars you are hosting or plan to attend.
    • There's a lot happening out there, and it's not easy to catch it all. This group is often a great source for hearing about events that may well be a helpful piece of the puzzle for your company.
  • Relay any industry or company-specific news you have affecting the industry.
  • Discuss areas where you are doing well and areas that are presenting challenges now or on the horizon.
    • More than likely, there are others in the group who are experiencing similar issues or have been there and found solutions.

This is an opportunity to share experiences and tap into the collective experience of the NMC network to expand your business and drive growth, and we want to provide a meaningful and productive forum that will be of real value to your company. Several of our members have developed great working relationships through this group and have teamed up on projects or shared resources as a result of this meeting. We look forward to building upon that foundation.

This is your meeting, and we encourage all of you to be vocal, share your experiences, and establish a feedback loop that capitalizes on the enormous reservoir of intellectual capital, experience and knowledge that makes the NMC what it is.


Offshore Wind Working Group - 2nd Month of Each Quarter, 3rd Tuesday at 1 pm 

Intended audience: Companies interested in working within the Offshore Wind industry
Format: GoToMeeting 
Open to: NMC Members and Community Partners, Industry Professionals by Invitation

All NMC member companies and community partners are invited to partake in our Offshore Wind Working Group, which meets quarterly to network and communicate on industry news and updates. We will keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and stay involved in the State and local conversations regarding supply chain resources so that we can best position the NMC and our members to answer the call for work in offshore wind.


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