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Fun Facts:

  • Kristin Carlson, President of Peerless Precision, serves as an NMC Board Member. She has been invaluable in sharing her expertise from serving on other association boards as well as in serving on our Cybersecurity Committee as a manufacturer's voice.
  • If you see cardboard Kristin and attend a slightly less engaging meeting with real Kristin, you may not be able to tell them apart. She has an uncanny talent for not blinking during meetings that could be emails.
  • Kristin enjoys sharing information that helps others avoids learning lessons the hard way, telling a good story, and ax throwing, among other things.

About Peerless Precision:

Peerless Precision, Inc. ( PPI ) is a small, 20 person job shop that specializes in the manufacture of precision machined parts for the aerospace, defense, and medical devices industries. We are extremely competent when tolerances of .0001″ or better are required and have delivered 1 helium light band in flatness, .000005″ in roundness and .003″ wall thickness. We are AS9100 Rev. D and ISO9001:2015 certified.


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