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NMC Community Health Share Option Introductory Webinar
Wednesday, December 01, 2021, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT
Category: NMC Hosted Meetings & Events

NMC Community Health Share Option Introductory Webinar

We are really excited to offer a new health share program to our members! If this program is a good fit for your organization, we think you are going to be quite excited as well. We would like to extend you an invitation to an informational webinar to see if, through this new NMC program, we can help your company accomplish a couple of very important goals by taking advantage of a solution that thousands of employers across the nation are already using.

First, this solution will put you into a better position to attract the best workers in the marketplace, and then retain those key people for the long haul. As you know, when you hire well and reduce turnover, productivity goes up and expenses go down. That is a win-win scenario that makes you more profitable. Employee benefit programs go a long way in making that happen. But for most small employers, that is simply cost prohibitive. This solution eliminates that problem.

Second, through this solution, you’ll see your employee loyalty increase even greater than it already is because you will be helping them to reduce their costs of providing for the healthcare needs of their families. Many of the companies that we work with don’t currently offer a benefit package to their employees. But if you do, and you contribute to their health insurance, this program may cut your expenses by 50% or more.

Best of all, with this program you can contribute as little or as much as makes sense for your budget – including no contribution at all if that is the right choice for your company. That’s right, nobody will be asking you to spend any additional money!

In this informational, no obligation, webinar Jeff West will join us to go over the details and allow plenty of time for your questions. We can’t promise you anything yet since we are not sure that your company will qualify. However, after the webinar you will have the opportunity to schedule a quick preliminary look to see how and if the program may work in your specific situation.

Reserve your spot here.

All may register, but only organizations within the NMC Community (Members & Community Partners) will be eligible for the discount. If you aren't an NMC member or community partner and register for the event, we will share your information with Jeff West and he may contact you to discuss your company's interest outside of the NMC Community discount.

Contact: NMC Admin, [email protected]

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