USS Groton Monument Fundraising Campaign

For more than 100 years Groton has been the Submarine Capital of the World. Here on the banks of the Thames River, hundreds of submarines have been built by the men and women of Electric Boat, the nation’s first submarine base was established, and hundreds of thousands of submariners have been trained at Sub School. Yet no lasting monument exists to recognize the men and women who build, design, suppliers, support, operate and maintain the United States Navy’s submarines.

The USS Groton Sail Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization focused on building a lasting public monument to celebrate our region’s contribution to our nation’s defense. The centerpiece of the monument will be the USS Groton’s sail and rudder, which will serve as a permanent tribute to the Navy’s submarine community, past, present and future.

Dedicated to the men and women who design, build, operate, and maintain submarines and the families and communities who support them.

USS Groton Monument

The monument will be located right outside the Groton Public Library. Kent + Frost Landscape Architects have designed an environmentally conscious earthen berm in the true size and shape of a submarine. Its centerpiece will be the USS Groton’s sail and rudder. The monument will feature a design plaza, family garden, community connection walk, and an underway plaza with a memorial walkway and historical storyboards. This monument will provide a place for celebration, an educational backdrop to the evolution of the submarine industry and submarine service.

The USS Groton Sail Foundation is now raising $2 million to build the monument. The foundation has raised close to $500,000 in funding from grants, donations and corporate support and is engaging people throughout our nation to participate in this important endeavor. To learn more about the monument or to purchase a paver, a memorial tree or simply make a donation please visit

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